Brady F. Anderson

Getting Naked

My Notes

Successful consulting practices overcome three fears:

Fear of Losing Business

Always consult instead of sell. Instead of promoting what you can do, demonstrate the value of what you do live with clients

Give away the business. Advise prospective clients before they pay you. This builds trust and shows you and interested in cultivating a long-term relationship and aren’t concerned with short-term profits

Tell the kind truth. Deliver difficult messages that need to be heard with empathy, even if it feels like it may offend the client initially.

Address issues others are afraid to, as an outsider you are in a unique position to call out the elephant in the room

Fear of Being Embarrassed

Ask dumb questions. It’s ok looking like a moron sometimes if you’re able to ask worthwhile questions that no one else will

Make dumb suggestions. You will be remembered for your great ideas, and no one will think twice about the not-as-great ones

Being wrong is an inevitability. Be able to make fun of yourself, be honest, and apologize to the client

Fear of Feeling Inferior

Take bullets for clients. By being ridiculed instead of them, you’re providing them a near-priceless service.

Make everything about the client. Downplay your own achievements on projects to make clients feel as though they’ve discovered solutions themselves.

Work only on projects with companies where you can honestly respect their operations and industry

Do the dirty work. Sometimes it can feel below your station, but demonstrating your dedication to clients by doing undesirable work is sometimes essential

Admit your weaknesses and limitations to clients openly.