Brady F. Anderson


Do yourself a favor and make sure to read for Gregory Hays’ translation

My Notes

Be the same in all situations. Your aim should be nothing but the truth, the good, the word, logos.

How to know you are making the right choices: Are you staying on your path or being kept on it?

If you cannot govern yourself, then what right do you have to govern others?

You have one life. Don’t entrust your happiness to others when the stakes are so high.

Everyone has the present moment. Everyone will experience the same loss of that moment when it passes. All is lost when the present passes. You can’t lose the past or future because you cannot lose what you do not possess.

You cannot live another life other than the one you’re losing right now.

Caring for human life is part of what it means to be human.

Don’t let anything distract you from realizing the goodness that is uniquely yours.

Focusing on legacy is futile. The people who remember you will be gone soon enough too. Other people’s words of praise are as useless to you dead as they are to you alive.

Do less and do it better.

The quality of your mind depends on the quality of your thoughts. The quality of your mind shines through in your actions.

Admiration inspires. The visible virtues of those around you encourage great things in yourself.

You can be a good person, even if no one around you recognizes it.

Who needs to be at the pinnacle of humanity? Find solace in attaining your freedom, becoming humble, and serving others.

You’ve given a gift, and yet you still have foolish expectations. Why do you still desire to be repaid, acknowledged, or validated?

Stop experiencing the pain you imagine.

A rational mind makes itself what it wants.